Frequently asked questions:

1. What kind of accuracy can I expect from a KAR-21 rifle?

We promise 1MOA / 1 minute of angle 3-shot group with a quality factory ammunition.

2. Will the gun maintain alignment between barrel changes?

Yes. There is no need to re-align the gun for the same barrel.

3. Is the trigger mechanism AR-15 compatible?

No. The trigger mechanism is our own design. It is made to meet the specific conditions in Finland. The trigger mechanism has very strong springs and is  reliable even in cold and icy conditions. The weapon has an excellent and clear two stage trigger feel.

4. Which magazines are suitable for the gun?

The KAR-21 is compatible with standard AR-15 and AR-10 magazines.

5. How many rounds does the barrel withstand?

We use a Lothar Walther button-barrel barrel that we nitrate (Black Nite). This type of barrel has a service life of approximately 18,000 rounds.

6. Are there any spare parts for the KAR-21?

Ensio Firearms Ltd produces and stocks all KAR-21 parts as spares. These parts are available from dealers or by contacting us directly.

7. Future calibres?

Ensio FireArms is doing product development all the time. We follow the needs and wishes of our customers.

8.What parts of KAR-21 are compatible with AR-15 rifle?

 The KAR-21 is compatible with AR-15 compatible stocks, grips and magazines.

9. Guarantee

The weapon has a 3-year warranty, covering manufacturing defects and parts.

10. How do I change the caliber?

To change the caliber, you need a 5 mm Allen key.

A video on how to change the caliber can be found on the Ensio FireArms YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndRLPLUQJF0

11. Should I get a 16″ or 20″ long barrel for my .308 Win KAR-21 rifle?

If your shooting distances are over 600 yards you should consider a 20” barrel.

12. Are the cartridges cases re-loadable?

As a rule, shells fired with the KAR-21 are re-loadable.

13. Where is the gun manufactured?

The gun is manufactured in Finland. All major parts are machined by Ensio FireArms. For smaller parts, Ensio FireArms uses its domestic subcontracting network. This enables Ensio FireArms to guarantee the first-class quality, longevity and accuracy of every gun.

14. Where do I buy?

See our resellers page: https://www.kar-rifle.com/mista-ostan/

15. Which parts are AR-15 Compatible?

The pistol grip, buttstock and magazine.

16. Can accessories or sights be attached to the front end of the gun?

Yes, there is a full length monolithic STANAG 4694 accessory rail (Picatinny rail) on top of the gun.

17. The casings fly out with force. What is the reason for this?

The KAR-21 design solutions have allowed the use of a fixed ejection, which is absolutely reliable in challenging conditions. As a result, the ejection of shells is powerful.